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The Love Formula

Ten Pure Qualities of Love

Charissa Jones

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Have you ever said something you couldn't take back? Have you lost a relationship because your pride got in the way? Do you struggle with trust in your relationships? What would it be like to practice genuine love in all of your relationships, including the relationship with yourself? In The Love Formula, author Charissa Jones offers a compilation of qualities that encompass and define what real love is and how to incorporate this true and genuine love into your life. She discusses, the Love Formula, ten core qualities that provide the foundation for healthier, happier, love-filled relationships, including gentleness, quietness, forgiveness, humbleness, counsel, patience, trust, truthfulness, discipline, and understanding. The Love Formula describes how these attributes represent the beauty of nature, human love, and spiritual connection. Using examples for her personal life journey and her own reading and research, Jones shares her formula for living life with ease and joy, to bring about peace and connection with yourself and others in everything that you do, and to live a life full of love, adventure, and beautiful relationships.

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