5 Assumptions about God and Why They Are Wrong

Head and Heart Series: Book One

Jeff Bogue
Bogue, Jeff

Broadstreet Publishing (publisher)

Who is God and what is he like?   Is God angry and aggressive, interested only in punishing people? Or is he a genie who will do what you want if you believe in him enough? How does God view you and what does he want you to do?   To understand the mind of God you must first understand his heart. The first book of the Head and Heart series looks at 5 Assumptions About God and Why They Are Wrong. When you trust that God loves you and wants what is best for you, then God’s heart—including the hard teachings of Jesus and even the confusing parts of the Bible—becomes clear. How might this affect your understanding of God and your openness to follow him?   Put aside your preconceived ideas about God and listen to Jesus’ own words as you explore what is in the mind and heart of God.  

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