Out of Control

Finding Hope in a Broken World

Rodney Hunt

The truth is we’ve all experienced the brokenness of this world; broken dreams, hopes, and expectations. You lose your job. An unexpected circumstance catches you by surprise. Someone you love dies. A relationship fails. You do something you regret. What I want to remind you is that, regardless of your situation, you can find hope in an out of control world.

There is hope, because God is picking up the pieces of our lives to make us whole again. There is hope, because he has a plan. While we will experience pain and loss, God will restore our joy and restore that which has been lost.

That is a promise that is repeated over and over many times in the Scriptures. God will restore. He will pay back. What was lost will be found again. In fact, we will receive much more back than what we lost.

There is a better future than what you are seeing and experiencing right now. You need to know that in a world where so much seems set against you, God is in control, and he is on your side. God is not your enemy. He is your advocate and defender. He wants what is best for you. He wants to give you a future and a hope.

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