Stupid Parents

Why They Just Don't Understand and How You Can Help

Hayley DiMarco
DiMarco, Hayley

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Let's face it--parents don't get it. Or at least that's what their teenaged children think. Most teens think their parents don't know anything about life--especially not teen life. That's where best-selling author and teen expert Hayley DiMarco comes in. Stupid Parents helps teens understand how to communicate with their parents to improve their relationships. It answers common questions teens have, like-how do I get my parents to be less embarrassing?-how do I get them to give me more freedom?-how do I tell my parents about things that are important to me?-what do I do if my parents are mean to me?-what are my parents thinking?-and many more Teens, parents, and youth leaders will find Stupid Parents entertaining, educational, and, like all Hungry Planet books, utterly relevant.

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