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Thy Light, Thy Way ...

Death of Baby Monday

Joseph Byron I

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A newborn's death occurs in secret; coupled with a mother's regret and guilt, it serves as the origins of hatred that lead to the murder of the nurse who witnessed the death.

Sam Steele, a thirty-three-year veteran agent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and a devout Christian, answers the call to assist Sheriff Charles Roper of Creek County in looking into the nurse's murder. Investigating the murder of a reclusive young woman whose passions were running and finding peace with nature's God, Sam processes a crime scene that produces scant evidence, and examining the body reveals little except the horrible manner of the young woman's death. As those in the know close ranks and refuse to give Sam any information that might explain the murder, the case begins to grow cold-until a murder in another county suddenly reveals an unexpected connection.

In this mystery novel, an agent for the Georgia Bureau of investigation hunts the murderer of a young woman, unaware of the strange sequence of events that he will bring to light.

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