Kirstie Ennis

The Marine Who Told Prince Harry To Toughen Up

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We are so excited about the release of the third issue of PTSDJournal. In a short period of time we have been overwhelmed with the response from the marketplace to this magazine. The positive communication and consistent praise makes it clear there is a need and audience for us to continue providing content that speaks to this underserved community. We are confident that we will continue to keep growing with the help from readers and supporters. This issue is particularly special. For the first time we have a veteran on the cover. The editorial team believes it’s imperative we show PTSD does not just impact members of the military. Civilians are overwhelmed, too. But we’re incredibly proud to have Kirstie Ennis, a former Marine, grace our cover. Her incredible journey overcoming a devastating copter crash in Afghanistan is one of service, sacrifice and perseverance. Ennis serves as an inspiration to all who have to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in their daily lives. Our mission is simple: We are committed to connecting to sufferers, caregivers, friends and family members to act as the “LexisNexis” for the conversation around PTSD in the United States and beyond.
The topic of PTSD is becoming a theme of more TV programs, talk radio and digital and print articles. We try to supplement that coverage by bringing attention to ideas, medicines, organizations and tactics that can help anyone dealing with PTSD. We know this disorder is not easy to diagnose. It goes to our slogan, Not All Wounds Are Visible. PTSDJournal will consistently highlight individuals like Lisa Hamp (Page 12), a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting massacre who overcame a severe eating disorder, and Danielle Leong, a young woman who created an app to warn viewers of potential triggers on television programs. The Feerless app is a Google Chrome extension that uses crowd sourced data, flags graphic or troublesome scenes, and is designed to alert an audience of potentially disturbing content. The growing awareness of the topic
of PTSD, which affects more than 40 million people*, is a positive trend allowing those who don’t have it themselves to understand it better, and those who have it to reach out for help. It’s why we are calling on our readers to participate. We want to start a Letters to the Editor page to create an intimate relationship with our readers. Please write to us: (http://www.ptsdjournal. com/contact/). We would love to hear from you.
We are proud of the part we play in creating awareness about PTSD. We hope you will join our conversation and help us reach those in need as a resource to educate, guide and help with the many facets of PTSD and all that it encompasses. We’re learning more and more every day about PTSD, and we hope our pages do the same for you. I would like to also recognize all of our veterans as we celebrate them on Veterans Day. Your sacrifice and service is not unnoticed or underappreciated. It is valued.

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