Telling the Truth to Troubled People

William Backus
Backus, William

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

A clinical psychologist and associate pastor in a large suburban church, author William Backus here provides background information, counseling techniques, terminology and scriptural basis for bringing counseling back into the Church. Integrating both biblical and psychological facts, he shows the reader how to use "Misbelief Therapy" as presented in the bestseller Telling Yourself the Truth in helping Christian counselors show their patients how to overcome their psychological and emotional problems.Chapters include issues such as:--Why counseling belongs in the Church--The limits of counseling--Truth, the core of counseling--Anxiety disorders--when fear moves in--Schizophrenia (departure from reality)--Sexual deviationDr. Backus gives the counselor many case histories and dialogue exchanges to help amplify and apply the counseling techniques. Review questions at the end of each chapter make it an ideal group study book for a lay counseling class.

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