It's Worth It

21-Day Devotional

Masey McLain

Broadstreet Publishing (publisher)

Will you offer God something that costs you nothing? Life is hard. Your purpose gets foggy, truth gets blurred, and distractions never end. But you are no ordinary person. You are not meant for a mundane life--to just "get by" every day. You were made for a very specific purpose. And when you stand before Jesus, experiencing the glory of God, you will see clearly that every struggle, every sacrifice was worth the reward of knowing Jesus. Join Masey McLain in this 21-day devotional that will encourage, challenge, and strengthen you to follow Jesus. Through Christ, you have the power to do whatever God calls you to do--whatever the cost, no matter how impossible it seems. Don't settle for less. Experience God and the life he has called you to as you live out your purpose in practical ways to make a difference in your world.

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