Tide Turners

The Practical Guide To Help You Feel in Control, Experience More Joy, And Sustain Achievement In Life


Do you want more from life? Do you want to achieve your goals for success and happiness? Are you ready and willing to take charge of your life? Perhaps your life has been like a captain less boat that goes wherever the wind or currents take it. Without a skilled captain, a boat will end up going out to sea, or to the rocks, or just sitting in the doldrums. Without a skilled captain, a boat cannot arrive at a chosen destination. To reach your desired destination in life, you must become that captain who can successfully navigate his or her boat through all kinds of challenges. “Tide Turners” shares the experiences Cardiff D. Hall and others have had, of overcoming turbulent waters and unexpected waves and “turning the tide” to achieve success. It is a practical guide for anyone who wants to step into the Captains seat and take charge of his or her own destiny and destination.

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