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The Angelic Writer

David Evans

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At the age of six, doctors diagnosed author David Evans with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Evans was missing exon number fifty and his body could not produce dystrophin, which is what holds a person's muscle fibers together and protects against muscle deterioration. It causes progressive weakness in all body parts and limbs. Evans faced a lifetime of challenges and struggles. In The Angelic Writer, he shares a collection of stories from his life discussing how he tries to maintain a positive outlook, how he enjoys spending time with friends, and how he won't let his medical condition stop him from reaching his dreams. It narrates how Evans' father investigated ways to heal his son to help him lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. The Angelic Writer tells the story of a young man, his special spiritual gift, and how this has taken him further in life-opening a world of other dimensions and introducing important angelic guidance.

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