Fathers Say...

Give the Gift of Blessing to Your Children

Joe Battaglia
Joe Pellegrino
Stephen Kendrick
Battaglia, Joe
Pellegrino, Joe
Kendrick, Stephen

Broadstreet Publishing (publisher)

What fathers say can determine a child’s way. Men who have abdicated their roles as fathers are the single greatest problem in society today. But fathers who speak words of encouragement and love to their children, mixed in with some common sense, sow into their hearts and minds the necessary ingredients for reaping healthy identities and self-images that propel toward success in life. Join Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia as they share moving stories and life lessons from men and women who testify to the power of a father’s influence, including:Corbin BernsenSteve BrownDelilahKathie Lee GiffordLauren GreenMichael GuillenKirsten HaglundBrant HansenAlex KendrickLauren McAfeeBarry MeguiarEric MetaxasBill ParcellsShari RigbyKevin SorboMichele WatsonMartha WilliamsonYou will learn: The qualities of being a good dad.What happens to a society that lacks fathers or strong male leadership.The importance of forgiveness toward others, especially the absent or abusive father.Powerful and practical truths that help men answer the question, How do I become that dad?Fathers Say beautifully demonstrates the power of a father’s words, and the difference they make not only in families, but in society, as well.

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