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Letters to My Children

Playing Hide and Seek with God

Jill Kathleen Bangerter

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Why does God allow bad things to happen? How can prayer possibly work? Who's the devil? Can we talk to God directly? As a child, Jill prayed and objects manifested. When she lost her dog and began to dig up her grave, a tangible force stopped her. She had her first vision in church. These and more experiences sent her on a life-long spiritual quest during which she has experienced initiations on the other side of the veil, out of body experiences, information and signs appearing at the perfect time, and other mystical experiences that have motivated her to continue studying, praying and meditating to find answers. While raising her children and teaching other kids, she fielded their questions about God and spirituality, Now, she's put many of these answers into this book hoping it will help people grow on their own spiritual quest and search for God.

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