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The Decisions We Make

The Place of God

O. Ven Ogbebor

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Have you ever given up on a dream because no matter how hard you tried, you just seemed to always fail? Have you quit because you saw others succeeding where you had failed? Or has the prospect of starting all over again on a dream made you just abandon the pursuit of your goals altogether?
In The Decisions We Make: The Place of God, author and acclaimed preacher O. Ven Ogbebor has an important reminder for anyone who has given up—that great things are great because God has a hand in them. Sharing important biblical lessons about perseverance, prayer, and warding off sin and temptation, Ogbebor reminds believers that if they put God first in their decisions, then all things will be possible. Whether we have decisions about how to choose a partner and raise a family, or if we have questions about pursuing a career, establishing a company, or making investments, we can only succeed and find fulfillment if God’s hand is there to guide us—and only we can seek and ask for his presence.
Often, career and family choices can be difficult—especially if our hearts are not in the right place to begin with—and we pursue these dreams with minimal effort and passion. But if we instead speak the language of God and find the right unity between his will and our expectations, then our dreams will be as God intended. And he will never leave us.

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