Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf

Yonggi Cho
Wayde Goodall
Cho, Yonggi
Goodall, Wayde

Broadstreet Publishing (publisher)

What can we learn from the Scriptures about how to trust God no matter what, and believe in something that is not yet seen? As a young man with only weeks to live, Yonggi Cho was healed of terminal illness, saw the resurrected Jesus, and quickly began sharing God’s hope with others. Those listeners became the world’s largest church.  In Faith, Pastor Cho and Dr. Wayde Goodall share how toUnderstand and grow in your faith.Walk with the Holy Spirit and produce the fruit of the Spirit.Overcome mistakes and continue to depend on Christ in times of discouragement.Believe for and trust God’s supernatural power.Use every situation to accomplish tremendous things for God’s kingdom.  For our lives to work, we need faith—the kind of faith that gives birth to hope and chooses to believe in every circumstance. God will answer prayer, heal, and perform signs and wonders as we walk daily by faith. You can trust God as your source, security, and assurance. 

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