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Lessons from a Friend

A Memoir

Ione Hepburn

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Ione shares fourteen lessons from people she’s known in a series of vignettes that highlight her stormy life.

Only some of these people remain in her life, but each one has taught her something—and that’s why she calls them “friends.”

One such friend was Claire, whom she met at a Toastmasters meeting and learned that her father was murdered when she was only four years old. When Ione spoke to Claire, she’d inevitably complain that life had treated her unfairly. But Claire helped Ione realize that life was not out to get her. Claire’s words were “Ione, you are not special.” In time, Ione discovered that she was not the only one nor was she alone on her journey.

From her early upbringing on an underdeveloped island in The Bahamas, where she was abused as a child, to a suicide attempt, failed relationships, counseling sessions, and self-introspections, Ione reveals how life for her has been a series of lessons—and how she realized it’s never too late to learn what life is trying to teach you.

Join Ione as she battles her doubts, fears, and assumptions to learn what it takes to succeed and grow as a person in Lessons from a Friend.

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