Seven Books for Seven Lovers

Try Me on for Size, True North, Game On, Facing the Music, My Bluegrass Baby, Thrown, Love Like the Movies, and Selections from, From Scratch, What Pretty Girls Are Made Of, Borrow-A-Bridesmaid, Flirting with Fire, and Wanted: Wild Thing

Sims, Jessica
Meader, Kate
Goodman, Rachel
Roth, Lindsay Jill
Van Tiem, Victoria
Auclair, Colette
Harper, Molly
Laurence, Andrea
Zackman, Gabra
Blake, Liora
Haefner, Stephanie
Stephanie Haefner
Liora Blake
Gabra Zackman
Andrea Laurence
Molly Harper
Colette Auclair
Victoria Van Tiem
Lindsay Jill Roth
Rachel Goodman
Kate Meader
Jessica Sims

Gallery Books (S&S) (publisher)

Get more bang for your buck with this sexy collection of seven irresistible full-length novels written by seven rising stars of contemporary romance!How hard is it to keep a failing lingerie shop afloat while searching for a lover who’s just the right fit? Find out in Stephanie Haefner’s laugh-out-loud love story, “Try Me on for Size”! A horse trainer takes a summer job teaching a widowed movie star’s spoiled daughters to ride, but when their gorgeous, funny, and down-to-earth father starts making advances, she’s “Thrown” in Colette Auclair’s delightful tale. Victoria Van Tiem will make you crave a “Love Like the Movies” with her romantic romp about a film fanatic who is actually living a fairy tale—until her handsome ex shows up to throw a Hollywood twist into all her plans. These charming contemporary romances—plus four more sizzling full-length novels and extra extended-teasers—make the perfect anthology of red-hot reads!

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