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Katherine is deeply in love with her boyfriend, Matthew, when she meets Trey. There’s an instant connection between her and Trey, and the feeling both excites and panics her. After all, she loves her boyfriend, so why does she feel so drawn to Trey—almost as if he’s a drug? She takes risks and has a beautiful, and wild story.

Well, one more complication proves to be too much, as Katherine loses control. Both Matthew and Trey struggle to pick up her beautiful, broken pieces, but it’s unclear to them both with whom her affection rests. Soon, Matthew joins the army reserve. When war breaks out overseas, he’s deployed for active duty and sent far away from the woman he loves.

With Matthew gone, Katherine chooses to lean on Trey. Eventually, Matthew comes home a different man. War changes people, but so can time, as he finds when he again sees the woman he still wants. Trey will protect Katherine from everything, even Matthew’s dangerous PTSD, but Katherine still has feelings for both men. Who will she ultimately choose?

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