August Rebellion

Ronald Marshall

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Thirty years ago, Gramma Tubman and Poppa George barely escaped an FBI assault at their hiding place in Louisiana. Since then, they’ve recuperated and only become more focused on retaliation. The Society of Slave Masters, the White Supremacist organization that ordered the assault, is due for some upheaval, and Gramma and Poppa are just the activists for the job.

Influenced by ideologies of the Spirits in the Shadows—a Black Militant organization formulated by her defiant ancestors—Gramma Tubman educates her grandchildren in the ways of radical upheaval in the hopes of pushing prison reform to the top of Louisiana’s political agenda. However, the Society of Slave Masters won’t go down without a bloody fight.

With a billion-dollar financial interest in the prison-for-profit industry, Slave Masters unleash its own method of violence to maintain Louisiana’s high incarceration rate. Oppressed African Americans go head-to-head against the ruling elite of Politicians and FBI agents. Th e state of Louisiana has two options: reform or face mass rebellion.

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