While You Were Pooping

Anonymous Pooper

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Ever considered thinking outside the box while sitting on the head? In While You Were Pooping, a comedian who thrives on providing shock value with her humor shares a variety of artistic depictions of things that can potentially happen in the world while we skillfully execute a number two.

Anonymous Pooper has made it her mission to remind all of us that the world does not stop at the bathroom door. Whether an ex is getting laid, an officer is eating a donut, a dolphin is being caught in a net, someone is seeing Elvis, a woman is carrying water to her family and village, or a mother is giving birth, all of the humorous illustrations encourage laughter, tickle our intestines, and inspire us not to take life too seriously.

While You Were Pooping is a delightfully inappropriate adult humor book that puts a unique spin on what happens outside the bathroom door while we are doing our business on the throne.

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