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Aphrodite's Stand

Sandra Scott

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African-American Andra Williams is about to do the craziest thing she has ever done in her characteristically sane, if not monotonous, life. Standing at the altar, she is ready to commit her life forever to her soulmate, her GREEK soulmate, Jayson Theonopilus. The naive newlyweds believe their love can conquer all, but Jayson’s older brother Stefano, patriarch to the Theonopilus’ olive oil fortune, feels otherwise. Possessing a terrible secret, Stefano summons Jayson to Greece hoping to destroy what he believes to be an unholy union and convince his sibling to stay in Athens and run the family business alongside him – without Andra. Yet upon meeting Andra, Stefano’s prejudice quickly turns to passion. He develops a powerful attraction to her, imagining her as the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Worse, Andra also finds herself drawn to the brooding, charismatic Stefano. But when Andra is kidnapped by a deranged serial killer, the brothers must put aside their differences and work together to rescue the woman they both love before she becomes the kidnapper’s next corpse. Aphrodite’s Stand shares the captivating tale of true love, forbidden passion, irrational prejudice and international intrigue where despite the stacking odds, it pays to take a stand for love.

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