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Simple Observations

A Humorous Look at the Absurdity of the World around Us

Patrick Dykie

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Author Patrick Dykie has always been a keen observer of the world around him. He looks at almost every situation and sees humor in it. Years ago, he realized the world is a tough and unforgiving place. Sometimes, people need to see the absurdity of it and find humor in even the most mundane of things. In Simple Observations, Patrick offers a collection of humorous narratives about everyday life. This compilation of short stories features everything from babies to ghosts to diets to excursions to the beach to wedding receptions to zombies. Patrick tells about trips to the bank, shopping at Walmart, Chinese takeout, a visit to the doctor, camping trips, those pesky mosquitoes and how, in his own, self-deprecating and clumsy way, he survives adventure after hilarious adventure. From a visit to a psychiatrist, to fending off ravenous animals in the garden, Simple Observations takes a fun journey of people, places, things, animals, and popular culture through the eyes of an ordinary man.

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