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At Vitoria

A City's Medieval Promise between Christians and Sephardic Jews

Marcia Riman Selz

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How could a medieval Jewish cemetery cause so much debate? At Vitoria transports the reader from 1950’s Bayonne, France back to medieval Spain and weaves a story of success, love, terror, tragedy, shame, and honor. The historical and cultural details make for an evocative narrative that draw the reader in and provide an engaging sense of realism.

At Vitoria introduces the reader to the CREVAGOS, a Jewish family that copes
with adversity and trauma in the midst of joy and daily needs, while living under the shadow of the Spanish Inquisition. Hard work, intelligence and clever spirit create a family of survivors. At Vitoria is also the story of how, in 1492 when Jews are expelled from Spain, the Christians of Vitoria, grateful to Jewish physicians for saving lives, take an oath to preserve the Jewish cemetery. Almost 500 years later, this promise draws raw emotions from both Christians and Jews.

At Vitoria is a heart wrenching, but ultimately heart-warming read, with a life-affirming message. It is sure to cause smiles, tears, and renewed pride in humanity.

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