Evie, the Star Princess

Phil Rosenberg

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Evie has transformed from a shy girl into a smart, confident explorer. While on a recent visit to her grandpa’s farm, Evie was introduced to Angelina, a magical telescope who helped her learn all about the wonders of the night sky. Now Evie is on a quest to grow her passion for science and share her knowledge of astronomy with others. As she settles back into the classroom, Evie studies her astronomy books by day and captures the beauty of the skies at night. After she overcomes her fear of public speaking, Evie seizes the opportunity to host a new children’s television science program. As she becomes known as “Sky Princess,” her newfound fame leads to other challenges and opportunities. With help from her friends and family, Evie eventually becomes a popular university professor who loves changing the lives of her students. But little does she know that her life is about to change as well after she encounters a great mystery and must determine how to answer the most important question of her professional life. Evie, the Star Princess shares the coming-of-age tale of a young and passionate astronomer as she matures into a college professor and faces an intriguing mystery.

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