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Ethen Coal and the Legend of the Blood Horn

Joshua Roberts

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Ethen Coal is an ambitious young archaeologist who lands what he considers the opportunity of a lifetime. Before he embarks on his journey, he is reunited with two childhood friends, Sam and Anastasia. They agree to help him on his dangerous expedition, searching for what some consider to be nothing more than a myth called the Blood Horn. Shortly after the three friends set out for this treasure, they are confronted with dangers beyond their wildest imaginations. They stumble upon the likes of dragons, pirates, and even mermaids as misfortunes overtake them. Luckily, a stranger—who claims to be from another world—saves their lives. And the adventure has only just begun. The further the search goes, the more Ethen suspects that the Blood Horn is not of this world and that someone will do anything to keep him from finding it. With the support of Sam and Anastasia, he fearlessly embarks on an undertaking full of danger, magic, and some living myths only to discover that what he seeks is so much more than what he imagined.

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