Seeing the Forest through the Trees

Sylvia Stone

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Author Sylvia Stone spent many years weeping because of the unfortunate events she experienced in her life. She held too tightly to the past without understanding its true value, and it prevented her from living a joyful life. She started listening to the stories of others and realized she also had a story to tell—her journey to enlightenment and transcendence. In Seeing the Forest through the Trees, Stone shares a collection of memories from her lifetime and how these helped her become who she is today. She addresses topics such as family dysfunction, sexuality, addiction, sorrow, and betrayal. She tells how she invoked a search for understanding, and it guided her to the path of self-exploration to find balance and inner peace in spite of the challenges she’s faced. Offering an honest, direct, and sometimes comical explanation of Stone’s journey to hell and back, Seeing the Forest through the Trees narratees her story as a vehicle to offer encouragement to others. She communicates the importance of finding one’s strengths by examining the roots, reclaiming them, and putting all the other experiences to bed.

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