Whimm's Enchanting Book of Fairy Trails

Story Book One

Bea Whimsie

The first in a series, Whimms’ Enchanting Book of Fairy Trails is designed to provide an escape and whisk you away to a land of enchantment that may exist just out of sight. Author and photographer Bea Whimsie captures fairies in woodland and garden settings, offering a glimpse into a world filled with sprites, pixies, and wee folk. Via an enchanting and stunning series of photographs, this collection follows the turn of the seasons in the Midwest and is designed to transport you into a world of magic and fantasy. The photographs are accompanied by poetry, whimsical verse, and quotations written to stir your imagination and transport you to the fairy realm. Whimsie created this book to help herself stay positive during a time of significant life challenge. She hopes her uplifting message will transcend and help everyone who finds themselves facing a life struggle. All will be energized, filled with hope and have a positive stirring of the soul when surrounded by the beauty of nature, the magic of fairies, and the warmth of the written word.

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