Phased Worlds

Linda Cook

Available Grabbs Remaining: 17

Sage Nichols is a young teen growing up in the Midwest. For some reason, the kids at school love to pick on her--especially Tonya. Sage bears the emotional and physical brunt of all their jokes and teasing, and things only get worse in junior high. Luckily, she does make one friend, Brandon, but even together, they aren’t able to avoid the school bullies. One day in the woods, Sage meets a strange man. A violent turn of events sends her and Brandon to a strange world though a portal to another world. The people of Lacean have been watching humanity for a while. For Sage and Brandon to return to Earth they needed to be given special powers that make them stronger and more intelligent than they had been. In return, they must keep their knowledge of Lacean a secret, as well as protect Earth from a deadly enemy. Back home, Sage is again faced with her bullies, including the dreaded Tonya, Sage has spent so much of her life building walls around herself to feel safe, but now she has received strength and support she could never have imagined. With the help of Lacean technology, will she be able to stand up to her enemies? Or maybe Sage will learn she’s been powerful all along-powerful and worthy of love.

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