Hidden Knowledge

Thoughts on the American Presidency

Dr. Oscar McKinley

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Oscar McKinley shares his thoughts on the American presidency, including the legacy of Barack Obama and the rise and election of Donald Trump in this collection of essays and observations. He encourages readers to give Obama credit, writing, “President Obama was the greatest president of all time. I truly think there was only one leader in history similar to him, and it was Alexander the Great. No other leader comes close. He has set the tone for modern-day world leadership, and the world loves his style of leading. When this president was leading, those were the good old days, and America was great.” He also seeks to get readers to see the truth about Trump, calling him “a crazy con man straight out of a comic book.” He observes, “Donald Trump seems to be a likable guy, but there’s a problem: he lies constantly. He leaves most Americans thinking that he’s the type of guy who wants a gun in one hand and the Confederate flag in the other, and there is no middle ground. Most of his followers don’t like black people and seem to be filled with hate.” You’ll laugh and cringe with the political insights in Hidden Knowledge.

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