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Give Like God

Following Jesus and Using Money

Stephen Charles Durkee

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To tithe or not to tithe? That is the question heard in churches across the land. Because churches depend on the generosity of their members, there are many sermons and many books that encourage Christians to be generous and use tithing as the standard for their generosity. Yet other voices in the church object to tithing, claiming that the practice is ambiguous, outdated, or misunderstood.

Give Like God starts with a careful examination of what the Bible teaches about tithing before discussing what is says about giving and generosity in the teachings of Jesus and his followers. We learn that God is extraordinarily generous and that he is our example and the source of supply for our generosity. Author Stephen Charles Durkee considers the connection between generosity and what we do for work, how we do outreach, how we help people in need, and even how we take on debts. In the end, he shows us the joy we should experience through giving.

When we put God’s priorities first in our lives, we discover that he is a good provider and that our lives can be free of financial worries. Money and generosity play an important and truly pivotal role in God’s purposes for his people, and so to have blessings and transformation in our lives, we must learn to give like God!

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