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Poetically Correct

Sincerely Yours

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I (sincerely yours) have learned in life that with great discomfort and misunderstanding comes great change. With this change, everyone tries to be as politically correct as possible, but they neglect to truly understand or embrace the evolution and passion of humanity and the human consciousness. Through great meditation, I came up with the title Poetically Correct because it fully describes the nature of thought and evolution of humanity. These poems are the embodiment of that. With all power to God, the universal energy or greater power, I intend to express the best way I can the conscious thought that has been given to me throughout my life. Under the United States’ First Amendment, I exclusively exercise my rights to freedom of speech. These are the thoughts, views, and internal consciousness of sincerely yours.

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A very good book for adults to relate to

Written by Larry Edwards on Jul 31, 2018

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