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America Arise and Awake

Ramesh Sharma

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A collection of poems, America Arise and Awake is a spectacular experiment in American literature. On one hand, it represents a marvelous blend of politics, philosophy, and spirituality. It is equally an exquisite creation of amour and aesthetics, on the other. Most importantly, the way it has tried to identify the intrinsic personality of America with the fundamental message of Eastern philosophy—universality of soul—is not only momentous, but also revolutionary in spirit. It might arguably be the first poetry book ever written in American soil that has peered so profoundly into the soul of this great country, and suggested—with extraordinary boldness—that America, as the greatest philosophy of freedom and liberty, realize its sovereignty over the entire world. No less mesmerizing is its vision that calls for the whole mankind to transcend the present order, created by major religions, and create a new one, consistent with dramatic change in ambience and popular consciousness.

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