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Trash Is Art

Imagine That

E.Burnham & S.Studer

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Have you ever had to help clean up your yard after a windstorm? Things can get blown everywhere. Sometimes even the trash cans get knocked around, and all the contents get blown all over the place. What a mess! That is what the zoo animals face after a heavy wind blows things all over their homes. In her book, Trash Is Art: Imagine That, author Elizabeth Burnham shares what happens when the animals are faced with the aftermath of a windstorm. Human volunteers are coming the next day to clean up, but the animals want to help too. With the help of Freddie the Fabulous, an art expert who is also a flamingo, the animals make creative works of art with what was considered trash. They even inspire the humans! With illustrations by Sara Studer, Trash Is Art: Imagine That is an entertaining story that might have you taking a second look at things before throwing them away.

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