The Survivors

Michael E. Newell

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While driving home to Tulsa, Oklahoma, along a major Interstate highway, Trenton Brambly Smithson witnesses an asteroid crashing to earth where it creates a 30-mile diameter crater obliterating his home city. At a distance of about 60 miles, Trent and two new friends survive the disaster. The trek to find civilization and safety turns ominous when he discovers much of northeast Oklahoma devoid of citizens due to forced evacuation by police and militia forces supported by the military. Militia forces now rules the area, which is to become a military reservation built for exterminating undesirable citizens. Aside from the possible global ecological consequences of the event, the powers-that-be activate National Guard units unilaterally, deploy regular military units and recall troops from abroad prior to the asteroid disaster, and declare martial law. States now oppose each other and the potential for civil war looms large. The chief executive, the President of the United States, Dwayne Jefferson Troutman, has decided to rule for the rest of his life. Smithson, supported by seasoned military associates, restores order to northeast Oklahoma creating the erosion of tyrannical support, and the team turns their focus to bringing the chief executive to justice. The chase is on...the vermin is loose.

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