Walking Tall: Poems for Life

The Revised Edition

Sean S. John

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Unwittingly, I quietly poured my heavy heart out.
The words flowed freely as I opened my mouth.
And as I emptied my heart in a great outpour,
There was a relief such as never experienced before.
I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts.
A quieting peace settled deep in my heart …
—Sean John
In this thoughtful reproduction, Sean John shares lyrical verses that reflect on many aspects of life while encouraging others to engage in self-reflection that brings deeper understanding not only of themselves, but also the world around them.
John’s poems explore the daily battles of life that include the truths that open eyes, the hurt that accompanies unspoken words, the fullness of life that encourages gratitude, the fears that are overcome by seizing the day, the selflessness that bridges a divide while championing another’s cause, and the power of music to light the world.
Walking Tall: Poems for Life shares poetry created to influence, inspire, and enhance the experiences of others as they walk down their own unique paths in life.

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