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Bless Your Heart

Our Transplant Miracle

Brigette Marie Walker

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When Brigette Marie Walker meets Dalton, she’s recovering from a miserable divorce. The last thing on her mind is settling down with someone new. The two also seem an unlikely match: He’s a single father to four boys, and she has a boy of her own—and they’re both very busy. But the two get along great, and when they start dating, their children almost always tag along. From day one, Brigette can see how much Dalton loves his four boys—and her own son, too. Just before the two get married, however, Dalton discovers he has an enlarged heart. After making an appointment with a cardiologist, he’s devastated to learn he needs a heart transplant. The couple has just bought a house, and neither one knows what to expect. They even begin researching stem cell therapy as a possible way to rejuvenate heart function, because they know a transplant may never come. Join Brigette and Dalton on an inspiring journey filled with doubt, tears, and lots of love in Bless Your Heart.

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