Best of Luck

955 Infinite Layers of the Soul

Rhiannon Cree Kirshner

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Rhiannon Cree Kirshner has found her creative voice in a world that has seemingly forgotten how to embrace one. Within a collection of thoughts and ponderings that shine a light on heartfelt self-examination, Kirshner provides a roadmap to clarity for all those who may be struggling with artistic expression. In a collection broken down into two parts that begin with “Maybe I write to …”, Kirshner shares simple phrases that reach out to creatives who may be in a rut, perhaps do not know the right questions to ask, and those who may have returned to their core after years of compliance with crushing social norms. Through words that are daring and touching as well as earnest and robust, Kirshner offers a window into the heart of creativity while encouraging artists to reflect on why they do what they do. Best of Luck shares empowering sayings that provide artistic enlightenment for anyone on a journey to seek an authentic way to creatively express themselves.

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