Misadventures in Hospitality

William Wallen

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Are you a fan of Ayn Rand? Kanye West? Johnny Depp? Well, none of that matters here. Welcome to the world of hospitality. Written by a concierge-savant who has been through hell and dealt with the worst people the hospitality industry has to offer. The good . . . the gritty . . . and the just plain weird . . . And as Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” So leave your bags. Check in to check out the dark but humorous underbelly of hotel life, told firsthand by a survivor of such tales. Join the author through this journey of absurdity and first-world entitlement at its worst. A berating experience from cover to cover, and yet just a glimpse into the life of hotel staff everywhere. The reader should know that the writer’s opinion of people, at times, can be quite low. He doesn’t care. In fact, he relishes in your disdain while you’re reading this unapologetic portrayal of the modern hospitality industry. Get ready to have your faith in humanity destroyed.

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