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A Most Precious Time

Finding Peace in the Midst of Tragedy

Mitch Pouliot

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The premature death of a loved one is devastating. Your perspective is lost in the fog, as is your trust in God’s healing promises. You need assurance that your beliefs are not just nice ideas. The grieving is profound, yet necessary. Even so, grieving makes you vulnerable to false narratives that work to hold you in despair. Negative thoughts about the pain, suffering, and death of your loved one can consume you.

It is my hope that by sharing with you the loss of my son and the lessons I learned through it, you will know your loved one’s importance to God and his love and care for them. While your thoughts focus on the loss, God views this time as precious and occurring exactly as he ordained it. A Most Precious Time provides you with the understanding to replace negative thoughts with the truth of God’s will for your loved one and their amazing destiny.

This is not a story with a tragic ending, and neither is your story. Our stories are love stories. God is not absent in your time of most need. God is there. When our care for our loved one has reached its fullness, God steps in and carries that love forward. So come, join me as we discover what God has in store for our loved ones in this wonderful, precious time.

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