Our Dark Places

Clara Hillman

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In life, have we ever been catapulted to a comfortable stratosphere? And suddenly, one day, we can’t believe we’ve been dropped in the middle of nowhere. That is what happened in the complex lives of the two main characters, Pastor David Wyan and his wife, Debora Wyan. The unimaginable lurked around every corner, waiting to trip them up and totally destroy them. Incredible demands were forced in their lives. How did they manage to stay sane in their little Christian community? Buried beneath these pages, there is an army of hidden, dark secrets. Some of them leave our thoughts and imaginations at the edge of steep, rocky cliffs. And other secrets drive us to a place of stolen identity. Nevertheless, whenever we love something, we fight incredibly hard to take back our control and what is rightfully ours. This story is provocative, alluring, riveting, heart-wrenching, and enthralling.

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