The Rosary

Blasphemous or Pleasing to God?

Roberto M Irizarry

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The rosary has long been practiced as a way for Christians to get closer to Mary, the mother of Christ, who has a central place in their spiritual lives. Yet this practice is also considered by some as an irreconcilable cause for division, claiming that the rosary is tantamount to idolatry or blasphemy.

The Rosary: Blasphemous or Pleasing to God? offers a way for Christians to reach as much consensus as possible on the subject of the rosary, a practice many Christians use when relating to Mary. Author Roberto Irizarry explains how the rosary is both understood by its proponents and misunderstood by those who consider it pure idolatry, showing especially how Christians who practice the rosary relate differently to Mary than they do to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Ultimately he appeals to Christians of all denominations, urging understanding and unity instead of division.

While the rosary might still be a divisive practice, Christians of all traditions can learn more about it, its history, and its meaning, with prayerful, sincere, and well-informed consideration on both sides of the issue. Honoring Mary can be a central part of a believer’s spiritual life, and understanding how Christians relate to Mary will hopefully draw us closer to the oneness of faith that all Christians want deep inside.

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The author approaches this topic with understanding of different Christian beliefs and uses biblical understanding to present Mary's role. An intriguing and insightful read!

Written by Teresa Strandquist on Nov 8, 2018

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