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The Mirror in the Woods

Jodie Keeling

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Seventh grade is hard. You count on having your friends around you to share your experiences. But what if that doesn’t happen?

This is what Kelly faces in author Jodie Keeling’s book, The Mirror in the Woods. She looked forward to seventh grade with her best friend, Lily, by her side. But then she loses Lily to makeup, cheerleading, boys, and even new friends. All things Kelly isn’t really interested in. Then what starts out as a normal, boring day at school ends in a four-wheeler wreck in front of a mirror in the woods. All it takes is one mixed-up reflection to learn that, sometimes, what is on the other side of the glass might not be what we expect to see.

Kelly could be someone you know—even you. Things are going great, and then everything seems upside down. Friendships you thought were forever are torn apart. Maybe you, like Kelly, also have issues with being a middle child. You’ll find The Mirror in the Woods a fun and inspiring read.

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