Twenty-Eight Days

Renäe M. Gilley

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Dreams do come true, no matter how unlikely they seem. Mike has been having dreams every night about a beautiful woman. She comes to him in his sleep, telling him, “Please, find me.” In an effort to unravel the mystery of his dream woman’s identity, Mike hires an artist to paint the image in his head—but she’s just a figment of his imagination, right? Miraculously, Mike’s housekeeper Katie meets a woman identical to the one in the painting. Her name is Kara, but there is a big problem: she’s married to Don. In order to have a chance with Kara, Mike intimidates Don with financial secrets that could ruin him. Mike convinces Don to let him spend twenty-eight days with Kara in exchange for saving Don’s reputation. The plan is set. Saying he needs some space, Don leaves Kara at the hotel with no money, phone, or credit card. To help Mike, Katie invites Kara to stay with her for a while and assist with her wedding plans. There, Kara meets Mike and so begins a game of romance and deception as secrets emerge and affections grow. Mike believes he’s found his soul mate, but Kara must decide between two men she has come to love.

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