The Spirit Walks On . . . .

A Book of Poetry

Joan Flint

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Poetry is a form of mindfulness. It is a way of focusing in on the present moment and allowing emotions and passions to find an outlet in the form of the written word. The Spirit Walks On . . . . is a collection of poems that were written over the last two years as I attempted to come to terms with many changes that were occurring in my life during that time. Many of the poems sound sad, but most are trimmed with hope and emphasize both the pain and beauty of the metamorphosis of the soul as it grapples with the surprisingly challenging aspects of everyday life. It is my most sincere hope that this book will resonate with the reader and challenge him or her to live each moment in life with both passion and compassion—to temporarily suspend the activities of the body so that the mind and spirit are free to walk on and explore the depth of feeling that we all have inside of us.

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