Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls

Second Chances

G.L. Gooding

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It has only been a few days since George Bailey and his building and loan faced ruin. Thanks to the generosity of many friends however, disaster has been avoided. Yet as 1946 dawns, an uneasy feeling plagues George. Something tells him that the ruthless Henry F. Potter is still plotting to destroy him once and for all.

George’s fears are confirmed with the arrival of state bank examiner, Mark Jerome who immediately launches an investigation. Potter’s initial delight at hearing this soon fades when first he is blackmailed and then becomes the center of the inquiry. In response, Potter launches a successful counter attack shifting the blame.

Jerome realizes his heavy-handed effort has only complicated matters. Seeking a way to atone for his mistakes, the bank examiner embarks on a fascinating journey filled with many twists and turns. In the end, what he discovers changes Potter, George, and Bedford Falls forever.

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Charming read - Loved this book! The follow-up to the movie with our beloved chararacters from the movie Its A Wonderful Life. I highly reccomend this book.

Written by Melanie Geiss on Nov 30, 2018

Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls is a sweet and surprising follow-up that adds unimagined dimensions to a holiday classic. - Foreword Reviews

Written by Garry Gooding on Nov 30, 2018

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