Three Little Unicorns and a Dragon

Ellie Gordy and Ashlynn Fletcher

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It begins one sunny day when Ragon the dragon goes for his afternoon flight over the Rainbow Village. With his keen senses, he notices there is something new in the candy-covered meadow. Always snack happy, he says, “I smell something fruity and sweet to eat!” Too bad for him three unicorns sisters are ready for his attack!

In this retelling of The Three Little Pigs, Gigi and Ashlynn create memorable characters. Ragon gets himself into a lot of trouble going head-to-head with these neighborhood unicorns. Find out how Ragon got his fire breathing skills and how the unicorns outsmart him with magic.

Three Little Unicorns and a Dragon was created on a summer night during a Gigi and Ashlynn sleepover. Gigi has always loved telling stories, and Ashlynn’s vivid imagination is a constant inspiration. Together, they brought Ragon to life, but Ashlynn had one condition: no one—neither unicorn nor dragon—could be hurt in this story of happily ever after.

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