His Timeless Touch

Twelve Remarkable Short Stories of Lives Changed by the Healer.

Debby L. Johnston

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Peter drives the bus, and Judas pays for the gas. We follow close behind in our cars to wherever Jesus stops. Like twelve sermon illustrations, the juxtaposition from New Testament times to our modern day puts us at the feet of Jesus. His Timeless Touch captures Jesus’s touch on twelve individual lives. Each story draws on biblical accounts with tenderness and insight. Here are examples:

◆ Wonder as Jesus texts reporters hounding a seductress and her partner.
◆ Share a blind man’s dreams come true.
◆ Commiserate with a height-challenged man who takes revenge.
◆ Get a mother-in-law’s opinion.
◆ Cry with the mother of a sex-trafficked girl whose demons are cast out.
◆ Follow a cyber thief to repentance and a promise of paradise.

No character who is touched by Jesus remains unchanged. Every encounter proclaims him to be the Son of God and leads to worship—even today!

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