The Liberty Codes


Jenafor Rollins

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Civilizations of old, Atlantis, Pompei and Sumeria left codes concealed in their prophecies, teachings and DNA. These messages foretold of future events which are now coming true as the Perkin’s triplets, Monaco, India and Egypt are preparing to graduate from their Washington DC high school. Little did they know that on their 18th birthday, a code was unlocked in their DNA revealing their connection to a 4,000 year old Sumerian event, which took place when the king died, and his twin daughters divided humanity. Ereshkigal started The Order, overseers of the Illuminati and Inanna, organized the SOUL. After their birthday party, The Order kidnaps Egypt Perkins as she was unveiling a molecular density formula which allows people to walk through walls. The Order would stop at nothing to have that formula. Their father works for homeland security and reveals to his children, a secret their mother has been keeping from them all their lives and the family travels to the bottom of the planet to uncover the mysteries and find answers. Learn the secret their mother has hidden and how The Order will stop at nothing to remain in control. Kidnapping, romance and murder are just the beginning to protect their cause. Is anyone who they seem? Help crack the codes and stop The Order from wreaking havoc on planet earth. In the manner of the Da Vinci Code and National Treasure, history reveals the clues to unearth the messages as we journey through the TLC pentalogy as they address global issues facing Mother Gaia including the environment, nuclear warfare, trade, currency systems, Antarctica, Haarp, deep sea fishing, the animal kingdom and so much more. The Liberty Codes Revealed takes you on a journey of universal proportions to find answers that may be hidden in plain sight.

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