Hazing Aging

How Capillary Endothelia Control Inflammation and Aging

Robert Buckingham, MD, FACP

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When you get older, your joints don’t have to hurt, your heart doesn’t have to fail, and your brain doesn’t have to rot.

But all those things will likely happen—and you’ll be a shell of your former self—if you don’t manage your health properly.

Dr. Robert Buckingham, a practicing physician for thirty-six years, has seen and experienced the consequences of aging firsthand, and he provides insights and advice so you can get older joyfully and gracefully.

He focuses on the vascular endothelium, which is a group of cells that line the body’s blood vessels. These cells have evolved in both structure and function to facilitate efficient and specific exchanges between blood and organs. In the process, they communicate with other endothelial cells, immune cells, proteins, and other end organs.

From regulating immune surveillance, clotting or blood flow, these cells are constantly assessing, adapting, and signaling to help the body carry out critical functions. By focusing on the health of these cells, you’ll improve end-organ function, reverse adverse effects of aging, and live a happier life.

Start taking care of yourself, and make healthy living a reality by Hazing Aging.

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