Faith over Fear

My Journey with Arnold-Chiari Malformation

Matthew Lemke

It can be easy to give up when we cannot find our purpose. Some of us may search and search, yet we struggle to find our God-given purpose due to the many roadblocks along the way. And for Matthew Lemke, declining health and a harrowing brain disorder would make his search all the more difficult. But little did he know that God had a huge plan for his life.

In Faith over Fear, author Matthew Lemke shares his journey to find that purpose and to pursue God’s own heart. Diagnosed with a brain disorder called Arnold-Chiari malformation and a spinal cyst called syringomyelia that would leave him paralyzed, Matthew would face the biggest storm of his life as he endured brain surgery and fought to keep his condition from getting worse. Yet he would come out completely changed. And with God’s help, he would pick himself up from rock bottom and learn to walk again.

We should never give up, no matter the odds. The odds were stacked against this man of faith, and he was faced with choosing faith over fear. But when we choose faith and become dependent on God’s love and strength, he will prove himself in our times of need and show us our purpose.

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