Please Pass the Skin Color

Victoria Lopez Holdsworth

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One brave young pig, a respectful conversation among friends, and a deeper understanding about diversity.

Diverse animal friends gain a better understanding about racial and cultural identities during an art activity. A courageous pig stands up for herself and others, which generates a thoughtful and respectful conversation among friends. This discussion leads to a greater awareness of how the friends recognize, respect, and celebrate their differences.

Based on the first author’s real-life experience coloring with friends at school, this book shows kids, through storytelling and beautiful illustrations, that we are all of different colors and backgrounds. No one color or background is most important.

The book also

•offers children an opportunity to better understand how their words can be perceived by and impact others;

•serves as a positive example of how friends can respectfully express their views and listen to one another to collectively create a deeper understanding of an issue; and

•provides parents and teachers with a way to begin discussions related to the recognition, inclusion, and celebration of differences.

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